The Race That Started it All...

Over the course of my life, I have piled up achievement after achievement. I have met just about every personal goal I have set, including that massive one you see over there. Yep, that’s me – finishing an Ironman.

I remember what it felt like crossing the finish line. I was sent soaring through the skies that night in Lake Placid, New York. My destination? The top of the world. Or, so I thought.

After Ironman, I decided to take a break from life on the racing stage. My lofty goals in racing had been setting the pace for a while and it was time to change it up.

My life grew quiet fast. When there isn’t another achievement to obtain, your soul takes notice. The celebration of Ironman wore off and before too long I realized something: I was lonely.

Lonely. Isolated. No Confidence.

At 30, I found myself lonely and isolated from others with my self-worth and confidence struggling. I may have been made of Iron, but I was dying on the inside and longing for something more than accomplishments.

At the time, real and authentic relationships didn’t exist in my life. I was in desperate need of community and it was nowhere to be found. And let’s not forget my dating life sucked.

Throughout my life, I had learned to give people the stiff arm to my heart. What I clearly see now is that kept me from the amazing life God had for me.

I thought what people liked most about me was what I had done, not who I was. I had so much to learn and thankfully a large life out in front of me.

Relationships. Are. Everything.

God had not given up on me. And neither had the people who chose to stick around. I began to look at my life from the inside out, practicing self-care on who I was and the man God wanted me to be. It’s when I began this process of going back into my life, allowing God to heal past wounds and focusing on building healthy relationships where everything started to change.

My life became less about performance and more about perspective. When I allowed God into where I was at a radical shift in my heart began to take place. Strong and authentic relationships started to form around me.

It was through this long process of opening up to those who stuck around where I came to this conclusion about life that I now live by:

Relationships aren’t just something. Relationships are everything.

Now my Life Looks Different...

It’s been several years since Ironman. I am a different man than the one who crossed the finish line that night. I now see the amazing life that exists on the other side of loneliness and isolation. I see the benefit of existing in healthy community with God and others. I wouldn’t want my life any other way.

When I began to live out and practice “Relationships are everything” my life started to thrive. I got my confidence back and loneliness and isolation became a distant memory.

It was because of having developed a strong, authentic and vulnerable relationship with God and others where my life began to take shape. They began to call out greatness in me. I am now living and walking out my passions, gifts, and calling. I get to wake up every day and do life with the people I love and a future that looks a lot brighter than when I was running the show in isolation.


I'm Making My Dent...

I decided to become a better man. I am now prepared to make my dent in this world and have the tools to do it.

This didn’t come about easy. And it didn’t happen overnight. It took time and a lot of hard work. Because of a God who loves me and friends and family who weren’t willing to give up on me, I now have the tools I need to make a dent in this world.




Here’s the reality. Your story is different than mine. But the life God is calling the both of us
into is the same. It’s a life full of confidence, strong relationships and the pursuit of doing what you were made to do with the people you love.

You don’t have to keep living the life you’ve had for years. The pain and hurt of isolation
doesn’t have to ruin your life. God is calling you into greatness. 

God is calling you out of isolation. He’s calling you into strong relationships and to a
life full of adventure. You were made for it. You were made to make a dent in this world. 

The world deserves a better generation of young men. Let’s give it to them. 

“Your legacy on this earth will always come down to
relationships and the people you invest in.
If you begin treating relationships as everything, 
you will make your dent in this world.”

 – Ben Weaver

a little more about me

I’m a Youth Pastor at The Crossing. 

I’ve finished an Ironman.

Snowboarding on fresh
powder is my jam. 

Getting on a plane and going
anywhere is good for my soul. 

Watching The Office is considered
a past time in my home. 

I’m Obsessed with my
Golden Retriever, Gracie. 

I’m a driven, passionate & intentional
person who wants to make the most
out of this life I’ve been given.